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"Sea Turtles are endangered, people are hunting them to the brink extinction, but you can honor them by purchasing this little guy in reminder of the cause to save the sea turtle."


Made from recycled washing machine and the shell from rcyled tin roof.


Size 10 inches


free shipping on orders over $150

-Bring the ocean into your home

- Made from recycled metal from tin roofs, washing machine parts, or other.

- Metal is 100% sanitized.

- Hand Made on Roatan.

- Waterproof Varnish (use indoors or outdoors.)

- Metal is hand cut and pounded in with hammers to flaten and create shape.


Shipping Info

- Shipping is by weight.

- Most items ship for $4.95 to North America. Europe slightly more.

- With aditional items only $1 extra shipping. e.g. one turtle ships for $4.95, 2 for $5.95 3 ship for $6.95 etc.

- We also offer free shipping on orders over $150 as a discount incentive for you.

- Since shipping is by weight, larger items by nature may have a higher shipping rate.

- Your cart will automatically calculate your correct shipping.

- Shipping is guaranteed and takes up to 20 days to North America and 30 days to Europe, typically less.

Baby Sea Turtle 10 inch


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